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Hot Deals on TVs & TV Brackets

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Hot Deals on Phones & Cables

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Hot Deals on Cameras

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Hot Deals on IT Accessories & Audio

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Hot Deals on Smart Home & Fitness

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Hot Deals on Movies & Music

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JB Hi-Fi waitangi day sales 2024

Waitangi Day Sales Weekend: Conquer the Long Weekend with JB Hi-Fi!

Forget the dusty routines, this Waitangi Weekend, it's time to relish the last of your summer holidays with JB Hi-Fi! We've got the gear to transform your long weekend into an epic quest, filled with sizzling feasts, beachside beats, and cinematic escapes.

Breakfast Brigade: Rise and shine like a champion with a coffee machine that brews faster than a sunrise over the Tasman. Toast pops up golden like a trophy with a slick new toaster, and blend your way to smoothie greatness with our powerhouse juicers & blenders that'll fuel your adventures.

Beach Bonanza: Hit the sand armed with a portable bluetooth speaker that pumps tunes louder than a rock concert, ditch the soggy sammies with a grill & sandwich maker that heats things up faster than a sizzling summer BBQ, and capture every epic moment with a GoPro camera that takes underwater selfies sharper than a sun-kissed horizon.

Chill Zone Champions: Rain got your plans dampened? Turn up the volume on your home theatre with a soundbar that shakes the floorboards like a post-victory celebration. Snuggle up with a new smart TV that paints the lounge room bigger than a movie screen, and binge-watch you fav movies & TV shows faster than a dolphin chasing waves. Need a digital detox? Grab a turntable that spins vinyl smoother than a gentle breeze, or get your game on with a retro & arcade gaming console that'll have you reliving childhood memories faster than you can say "beach day."

Techie Treats: Need a gadget that's as Instagram-worthy as a sunrise over Milford Sound? We've got drones that soar like eagles, hair straighteners that tame frizz faster than a cheetah on the prowl, and noise-cancelling headphones that pump out tunes like a whale chorus on steroids. And for the ultimate long weekend flex, snag a fitness tracker that tracks your steps like a champion athlete, and a massage gun that will help you snooze like a sunbathing Tuatara.

Laptops & Entertainment Legends: Whether you're a beachside blogger or a parkside gamer, JB Hi-Fi's laptops are ready to deploy. Sleek and powerful, they'll handle your workload like a pro, stream movies smoother than a summer breeze, and crush your digital dragons with graphics that'll make your jaw drop. 

PlayStation 5 Powerhouse: Dive into the next generation with the mighty PS5 console. Its sleek design and mind-blowing graphics will have you exploring breathtaking landscapes, battling monstrous enemies, and feeling every rumble and roar with its immersive DualSense controller. Fuel your PlayStation 5 adventures with a lineup of epic PS5 games that'll keep you glued to the screen all weekend long. From exhilarating action blockbusters like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III to pulse-pounding racing sims like Gran Turismo 7 and heart-wrenching narrative journeys like The Last of Us Part II, your Waitangi Weekend just got a whole lot more epic.

Remember, this Waitangi Day Long Weekend, it's all about the good times, not the routines. From sunrise Waitangi Day sales steals to sunset Auckland Anniversary deals, we're making this long weekend one to remember.

Woman enjoying morning coffee on Waitangi weekend with a serene Tasman Sea view from a modern kitchen
Adventurer flying a drone at dawn in Milford Sound, New Zealand during Waitangi Day weekend sale

When Is Waitangi Day Long Weekend

Waitangi Day is the 6 February 2024, a Tuesday. This day is a public holiday in New Zealand.

When are the Waitangi Day sales at JB Hi-Fi?

The JB Hi-Fi Waitangi Day sales will be available all long-weekend of Waitangi Day. You can shop online or in-store throughout the sale period.

What kind of deals can I expect during the Waitangi Day sales?

You can expect amazing deals across a wide range of products at JB Hi-Fi during the Waitangi Day sales event. This includes discounts on TVs, laptops, home appliances, headphones, speakers & audio, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and much more. Some deals might offer up to 5-20% off on select items, while others may feature bundle deals or clearance prices.

How can I find the best Waitangi Day deals?

The best way to find the best deals during the Waitangi Day sales event is to sign up to our newsletter, bookmark this page or visit your local store. You can also keep an eye out for JB Hi-Fi on social media for updates on the latest deals.

Can I return or exchange items bought during the Waitangi Day sales?

Yes, you can return or exchange items bought during the Waitangi Day sales, as long as you follow JB Hi-Fi's regular returns and exchange policy. Make sure to keep your receipt and check the specific terms and conditions for any exceptions.

How do I track my Waitangi Days sales order?

JB Hi-Fi makes it super easy to live track your orders. Visit our track my order page and you’ll be able to see exactly when your order will arrive.