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Robot vacuums

Clean smarter, not harder with JB's range of robotic vacuums! We offer a variety of models from Ecovacs, Aiper, and Eufy, packed with features to make cleaning effortless. Find the perfect robot with smart navigation, powerful suction, and convenient functions like self-emptying bases. Let your robot vacuum take care of the dust bunnies while you relax.

Robot Vacuum FAQs:

  • What is good suction for a robot vacuum?

    Suction power is important, but it's not the only factor. Robot vacuums from Ecovacs, Aiper, and Eufy all offer a range of suction levels. Generally, for carpets with pet hair, look for a higher suction power (measured in Pascal units, Pa). For hard floors, a lower to mid-range suction level will work well.

  • Do robot vacuums mop as well?

    Yes! JB Hi-Fi offers robot vacuums and mop combos from Ecovacs and Eufy. These models seamlessly switch between vacuuming and mopping, giving you a complete clean in one go.

  • Which type of robot vacuum cleaner is best?

    The "best" type depends on your needs and budget. Here's a quick guide:

    • Basic cleaning: A budget-friendly model from Ecovacs, Aiper, or Eufy will handle everyday dust and debris.
    • Pet hair: Look for a model with strong suction, like some Ecovacs or Eufy options.
    • Smart features: For app control, mapping, and scheduling, consider a mid-range to high-end model from any of these brands.
    • Moping: Ecovacs and Eufy offer robot mop combos for a complete clean.
  • Does Dyson have a robot vacuum?

    While JB Hi-Fi doesn't currently stock Dyson robot vacuums, we offer a wide range of options from Ecovacs, Aiper, and Eufy to suit your needs.

  • What is the best 2 in 1 robot vacuum?

    Both Ecovacs and Eufy offer excellent 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop combos. Consider factors like tank size, app control features, and price point to choose the best fit for you.

  • Can robot vacuums go over bumps?

    Yes, to an extent. Robot vacuums can handle minor bumps in height, typically under ½ inch (1.2cm). However, they might struggle with thresholds or thick power cords.

  • Which brand is good for robot vacuums?

    Ecovacs, Aiper, and Eufy are all well-regarded robot vacuum brands. Ecovacs is known for its innovative designs, Aiper offers powerful suction at competitive prices, and Eufy is a leader in user-friendly technology.

  • How do I know which robot vacuum to buy?

    Consider your needs and budget! Think about floor types, desired features (app control, mapping, mopping), and pet hair presence. Our friendly JB Hi-Fi staff can answer your questions and help you find the perfect robot vacuum for your home.

  • Do robot vacuums clean as well as regular vacuums?

    For everyday dust and debris, robot vacuums can be very effective. They may not be ideal for deep cleaning heavily carpeted areas. However, their convenience and ability to clean regularly can be a major benefit.

  • Can robot vacuums go over rugs?

    Yes, robot vacuums can transition between most floor types, including rugs. However, very thick rugs might pose a challenge for some models.

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