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Our product database contains a massive range of titles sourced from suppliers in New Zealand and around the world. 

If your search result returns too many titles, try using more specific search keywords, or filter your search results via the categories on the left hand side of screen.

If your search results return too few, or no titles, try more general keywords. You may also need to try searching by different methods to find the title you are after. For example, if a title search does not return the title you are looking for, try searching by artist, or vice versa.

The quickest way to find an item you are looking for is to use the search form at the top of every page on our website. 

As an alternative to searching, try browsing to your item via the top category tabs and then using the subcategory menus on the left hand side of the page. You can also search by Product Brand in all Consumer Electronic category by clicking on the brand logo. Feel free to drop our Support Team an email if you have any problems locating your item


You can filter your search criteria to narrow down the results that are listed - by Price range or Type - as an example Music listings would be CD / Vinyl / DVD Music and DVD listings would be Movie or TV Series. (eg if you wanted to find a Madonna DVD you would filter your search results by DVD Music to filter out unwanted titles)

As you are now able to filter your search results by product type or format it is recommended that you do not add this in your search query i.e. if you are looking for Call of Duty on PS4 do not search for 'Call of Duty PS4', search only for 'Call Of Duty' and then filter by Type to PS4.
If you include PS4 in the serach query it will search for any item that is a PS4 as well as any title that has Call of Duty in the title or description, proving that sometimes less is in fact more.

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Search results are presented in a default order. For example, music titles are automatically ordered by release date and Consumer Electronics titles are listed by lowest to highest price. However, most search results allow you to order results by an alternative method. To order by an alternative, just select that option and the search results are automatically re-sorted.

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