Scam Alerts

JB Hi-Fi is advising consumers to be vigilant as New Zealanders are being targeted by scam emails and text messages using JB Hi-Fi branding.

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, also known as the “anti-spam” law, prohibits the sending of commercial electronic messages without the recipients consent.  Scams can be described as any scheme designed to con you out of money or steal your personal information.

JB Hi-Fi is receiving an increase in reports of people receiving scam emails, text messages and social media communications, telling them that they have won a prize or have a parcel waiting for delivery. The unsolicited communication may include JB Hi-Fi logos or images of JB Hi-Fi stores and asking the recipient to provide personal information, click links to claim prize or open an attachment. Emails can differ in appearance and come from a range of addresses.

JB Hi-Fi strongly encourages consumers not to give out their personal details to anyone proclaiming to be from JB Hi-Fi and to avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments in emails or text messages they receive.

Business like JB Hi-Fi and other major retailers are targeted by scammers because they have large customer bases and often run competitions, so the communications can appear to be legitimate.

If you have received any form of communication that ​doesn't look like what you'd usually receive from JB Hi-Fi, comes from an unfamiliar email address or phone number, or seems too good to be true, then this is likely to be a scam.

JB Hi-Fi does run legitimate competitions which can be found on the official JB Hi-Fi website or the JB Hi-Fi Facebook page. If a competition or special offer is not hosted on one of these official sites then it’s highly likely that it is a scam and you should not engage with it. If consumers have any doubt about a JB Hi-Fi competition or prize, they should contact JB Hi-Fi immediately at


Where to report suspicious electronic messaging:



Text Messages: Forward to the shortcode 7726, free of charge.

Cyber security: